Care & Cleaning

For Textiles & Finishes.
Developed by Specialists.


To extend the life of your seating upholstered in fabric, regularly dust the chair to prevent airborne particles from penetrating the fabric surface. For light soiling, use a damp cloth and blot the spot with very light pressure, taking care never to soak the fabric. Dry with clean cloth by blotting - never rub the fabric. More intense stains can be treated the same way, but with a mild detergent. Always test fabric first in an unseen area before using any cleaning method.
For regular cleaning, simply use a soft damp cloth, taking care not to soak the leather. For a more thorough treatment, soak a soft cloth in a mild soap solution and wipe the surface in a light circular motion. Repeat with clean water. Allow to dry and polish with a soft dry cloth. Do not use detergents, aerosol sprays or other polishes.

Hard Surfaces

Laminate & painted metal finishes
Wipe the surface with a clean soft damp cloth; if needed, a mild soap solution (i.e. Ivory dishwashing liquid) can be used. To prevent streaks, dry the surface with a clean dry soft cloth moving in a circular motion.

Cleaning Recommendations

Water-based cleaner (W):
Spot clean, using the foam only from a water-based cleaning agent, such as a mild detergent or non-solvent upholstery shampoo product. Apply foam with a soft brush in a circular motion. Vacuum when dry. Pretest small area before proceeding.
Solvent cleaner (S):
Spot clean, using a mild water-free solvent or dry cleaning product. Clean only in a well-ventilated room and avoid any product containing carbon tetrachloride or other toxic materials. Pretest a small area before proceeding.
Water/solvent cleaner (WS):
Spot clean with a mild solvent, an upholstery shampoo, or the foam from a mild detergent. When using a solvent or dry cleaning product, follow instructions carefully and clean only in a well-ventilated room. Avoid any product that contains carbon tetrachloride or other toxic materials. With either method, pretest a small area before proceeding.
Vacuum only (X):
Clean this fabric only by vacuuming or light brushing to prevent the accumulation of dust and grime. Water-based foam cleaning agents of any kind may cause excessive shrinking, staining, or distortion of the surface pile and therefore, should not be used.
Crypton cleaning (C):
Generally stains are removed with plain water and powdered enzyme detergent. Upholstery foam shampoo, water-based cleaning products, and germicidal detergents can be used. Be sure to remove all residue from cleaning products with clean water. Do not use solvent-based cleaners or dry cleaning products.
These recommendations and codes were developed by fabric specialists. However, because of the various ways fabric can be stained or damaged, there is no guarantee that the results will be completely successful. Use suggested methods on your own responsibility. To help prevent overall soil, frequent vacuuming or light brushing to remove dust and grime is recommended. Use professional furniture cleaning service when the overall soiled condition has been reached.