A quick visual reference to the Fabrics or Luxhide available.

The Seating Color Program

Offices to Go Luxhide chairs have soft Luxhide seating surfaces made from bonded leather with matching simulated leather trim. All Luxhide chairs marked with a textile icon are also available in other textile options (visit each chair's page for more details - an upcharge may apply).

Mesh back chairs are featured and available exclusively in Black mesh except for OTG10900B and OTG10902B which feature Grey mesh backs.


Due to color variations on different monitors and color printers, we recommend that you request a sample to ensure the exact color and texture matches, etc. Please contact your local representative for more information or to order a sample. Offices to Go cannot be held responsible for any selections of colors from this website.

Care and Cleaning Guidelines: Care and Cleaning

Allante FRee
A23F Chocolate Sundae
A11F Sierra Brick
A10F Cookie
A04F Ivory
A06F Bleached Sand
A08F Warm Smoke
A01F Illusion
A07F Taupe Fawn
A03F White Crush
A14F Garden Green
A12F Gibraltar
A02F Bright White
A09F Autumn Rain
A15F Oasis Green
A16F Ink Black
A05F Ice
A19F Mountain Sky
A20F Old Navy
A25F Eclipse
A24F Province Blue
A13F Chateau Grey

BM28 Tropical
BM27 Ginger
BM20 Rabbit
BM26 Firelight
BM21 Apple
BM22 Ghost
BM23 Dove
BM24 Iron
BM25 Cosmic
CE92 Chili
CE93 Jute
CE97 Java
CE88 Aspen
CE86 Slate
CE89 Dune
CE85 Savannah
CE98 Charcoal
CE90 Flannel
CE84 Zest
CE87 Rainforest
CE91 Azure
CE95 Ink
CE96 Sangria
FU74 Tomato
FU71 Tangerine
FU80 Oasis
FU84 Flax
FU76 Sandstone
FU72 Fresh
FU73 Moss
FU77 Granite
FU85 Carbon
FU75 Aqua
FU81 Graphite
FU79 Cadet
FU83 Cobalt
FU82 Viola
FU78 Poppy
HD02 Cordovan
HD04 Orange
HD07 Coffee
HD09 Mocha
HD05 Wheat
HD10 Thyme
HD06 Meadow
HD11 Carbon
HD14 Cerulean
HD13 Ocean
HD12 Midnight
HD08 Grey
HD03 Ruby
JN33 Roast
JN29 Harvest
JN03 Slate
JN26 Oatmeal
JN27 Sunflower
JN25 Silver Lining
JN30 Melon
JN32 Green Grass
JN28 Cascade
JN08 Admiral
JN11 Charcoal
JN01 Midnite
JN02 Ebony
JN07 Vermillion
JN31 Berry
BL24 Dark Brown
PU34/BL24 Dark Brown
BL23 Saddle
PU33/BL23 Saddle
BL27 Charcoal
PU37/BL27 Charcoal
BL22 Parchment
PU32/BL22 Parchment
BL28 White
PU38/BL28 White
BL20 Black
PU30/BL20 Black
BL26 Burgundy
PU36/BL26 Burgundy
QL24 Geranium
QL20 Feather
QL28 Tangerine
QL29 Cocoa
QL21 Dune
QL25 Daisy
QL22 Meadow
QL23 Cadet
QL26 Quest
QL11 Charcoal Grey
QL14 Navy
QL19 Silver
QL10 Black
QL27 Punch
QL16 Wine
TC64 Cherry Blossom
TC61 Tigerlily
TC72 Pine Cone
TC63 Cobble
TC67 Haze
TC60 Lotus
TC66 Apple
TC70 Wintergreen
TC71 Ironwork
TC74 Echo
TC65 Bluebell
TC62 Shadow
TC69 Twilight
TC73 Flirt
TC68 Cerise
UR17 Earth
UR18 Brown Ridge
UR16 Boardwalk
UR14 Sandcastle
UR19 White Sand
UR15 Beach Day
UR13 Green Grass
UR21 Gravel Road
UR20 Granite Rock
UR22 Black Coal
UR11 Ocean Blue
UR12 Blue Bayou
UR10 Red Rose
WA54 Dance
WA44 Imagine
WA47 Rumble
WA41 Tryst
WA51 Rushing
WA43 Victoria
WA40 Trance
WA42 Splash
WA46 Rainforest
WA50 Grand
WA49 Tranquility
WA45 Sky
WA53 Pacific
WA52 Majestic
WA48 Prism